Alexandra Palace Gymnastics Classes

Discover our Gymnastics Classes in Alexandra Palace

Our General Gymnastics classes offer children aged 3 ½ to 16 years old an enjoyable and secure environment to develop various physical and social skills. These classes are structured to encourage children to enjoy being active while learning gymnastics, a sport that enhances balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina.

Our experienced and fully qualified teachers cater to all abilities, focusing on each child’s individual development and enjoyment.

Our Alexandra Palace Gymnastics Classes

Our classes cover exercises on the beam, floor, airtrack, and vault, starting from fundamental shapes and progressing to more advanced techniques like rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and eventually leaps, flips, turns, and somersaults.

Pre-School - Reception

For children in Preschool and Reception at LAGAD, the focus is on developing foundational gymnastics skills in a fun and engaging way. The sessions start with a 10-minute warm-up to prevent injuries and end with a cool-down stretching to relax muscles.

The term concludes with a fun session full of different games and challenges based on the skills learned.

The activities for Pre-School & Reception include:

Vault Skills

These involve running drills and vault preparations, such as sitting in pike with running arms, high knees, robot walking, box jumps onto a small block with a step-down jump, and skipping with a rope. The children practice squat on and forward rolls.

Floor Skills

The children engage in a variety of handstands including bunny hops, and benchwork activities like bunny hops and forward rolls.


The activities focus on imaginative jumps and preparations for cartwheels, such as side-to-side bunny hops and rocking in star shape.

Year 1 & 2

Building on Foundations: Progressing from Preschool and Reception Classes

For children in Year 1 and 2, we build upon the foundational skills learned in our Preschool and Reception classes. Our aim is to further develop your child’s gymnastics abilities in a fun, supportive, and progressively challenging environment.

The activities for Year 1 & 2 include:

Vault Skills

Expanding on the basics learned in Preschool/Reception, we introduce more complex vault skills such as squat on, forward rolls, and dive rolls. Our side stations include running arms, high knees, robot walking, box jumps onto a small block with a step-down jump, and skipping with a rope.

Floor Skills

Progressing from simple bunny hops, we explore a wider range of handstand skills like tick-tock handstands. This helps in enhancing balance and upper body strength. We advance from basic forward rolls to more challenging variations like free forward rolls, focusing on control and coordination.


Building on the skill learnt from earlier years, we focus on perfecting cartwheel techniques with exercises like side-to-side bunny hops and spider handstands with legs in straddle. Children are encouraged to refine their jumps and master cartwheels, showcasing their improved skills and confidence.

Years 3 - 6

Progressive Development: Advancing from Early Years to Year 3-6

Our Gymnastics Classes for children in Years 3 to 6 at LAGAD are specifically crafted to continue the developmental journey from the foundational skills acquired in Preschool through to Year 2. These classes focus on enhancing and advancing gymnastic skills with a greater level of complexity and challenge.

The activities for Years 3 - 6 Include:

Vault Skills

Building upon the basic running drills and vault skills learnt in earlier years, children in Years 3 to 6 are introduced to more complex vaulting techniques. These exercises aim to improve speed, power, and proficiency in vaulting.

Floor Skills

Progressing from the basic handstands and rolls, these classes focus on more intricate balance and handstand skills, thereby enhancing body strength and stability. Children will start to learn acrobatic skills like round-offs, back and front walkovers, and the beginnings of handsprings, with an emphasis on technique and safety.


Expanding on the cartwheel and tumbling foundations set in earlier years, children will work on more complex skills like round-offs and the beginnings of handsprings. Integrating dance elements with gymnastics, children are encouraged to develop their artistic expression alongside technical skills.

Passion for Movement

At LAGAD, every jump, cartwheel, and handspring demonstrates our unwavering commitment to dynamic movement. Our fully qualified coaches are selected for their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Inclusive Community

At LAGAD, we are more than just a club - we are a diverse, welcoming community. Every child, irrespective of age or skill level, will develop in an environment that nurtures growth and inclusivity.

Prioritising Safety and Trust

We understand that your child's safety is paramount. That's why every LAGAD coach is not only fully qualified and insured but also DBS checked. You can trust in our commitment to providing a safe and secure coaching environment.

Holistic Development

At LAGAD, we foster more than just physical skills. Our programmes are designed to develop mental resilience, discipline, creativity, and self-esteem, alongside physical prowess. Watch as your child develop and blossom into a well-rounded individual, ready for any challenge.

Our Values

At LAGAD, we’re dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that’s not just safe and educational but also incredibly fun! Our goal is to help your children develop a strong sense of self-confidence while enhancing their physical abilities.

Through our classes and holiday camps, children build strength, fine-tune motor skills, and improve their flexibility and coordination.

Our Venue in Alexandra Palace

Location: Heartlands High School, Station Road, London, N22 7ST

Heartlands High School is situated between Wood Green and Alexandra Palace. The  address is:

Heartlands High School
Heartlands Community Trust
Station Road
Wood Green
London, N22 7ST

Bus Route: W3
Nearest tube station: Wood Green
Nearest rail station: Alexandra Palace